Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kalamazoo Animation Festival, Kalamazoo Michigan, May 14th-17th

Got a heads up from Bryce Hallett regarding the Canadian presence that will be in attendance at this year's Kalamazoo Animation Festival. Here, I'll just let Bryce tell you:

Hey Michael,
Do you know about the Kalamazoo Animation Festival?
It's in Kalamazoo Michigan in May 14- May 17

I know it's in Michigan and not somewhere in Canada, but I just thought I'd bring it up because there are a lot of Canucks going to be in attendance there.
For example,
Janet Perlman is doing a couple of panels and discussions. One called "the Anatomy of a Funny Story" another on Music and Animation with Judith Bruber-Stitzer and some other folks.
Aubry Mintz, who is a Sheridan grad just a year ahead of me is doing one called "The Art of the Animatic" and one with Ellen Besen "Ridiculously Great Animated Sequences and Extra Special Storytelling Techniques".
He's also moderating a Panel with myself and Bruce Simpson on going the freelance route called "Bryce and Bruce: Careers Outside the Studio System.

Ellen Besen and I are also going to be doing a presentation related to her book Animation Unleashed. Where I'll be drawing live while she's presenting. It's improv drawing!. or sketch comedy!.. heh heh....ok bad pun.

Other presentations and talks by fellow Canucks, Ishu Patel, John Halfpenny (Angela Annaconda, Eek the Cat, Beetlejuice") Mark Glassman, Sharon Katz, Madi Pillar, Richard Reeves etc etc

Heck, even a group of students from Humber College are among the students competing in a 10 day aniamtion marathon to make 30 PSA's based on a theme. That's pretty cool.

(and there's a bunch of stuff by many notable and interesting American animators and animation producers too of course. heh heh like Gary Shwartz, Linda Simensky (PBS), Jennifer Oxley (Nick Jr.), Mike Mitchell ( Sky High, Shrek 4) Ed Hooks ( acting for animators) etc etc etc)

If you're interested in knowing more this is the list of guests: http://www.gokafi.com/guests/
and this is the list of panels and presentations: http://www.gokafi.com/events/presentations.php

I haven't looked through everything, but it looks like it will be a really great festival.
and it has a number of interesting screenings it seems as well.

Anyway I hope things are busy with you and going well.
Keep up the excellent blogging!

Bryce has done this live-drawing show before while Ellen chats. I've heard it's a great presentation, so if anyone can get to this thing it sounds well worth it.

Thanks to Bryce for the informative message.

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