Friday, May 22, 2009

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Here's what I've been posting over on the new site:
So if you haven't been over there yet, please go. This blog ain't gonna be around much longer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moving time!

To all readers:
This blog address will soon be going stale.
I've been getting things up and running over at, an address that used to be forwarded directly here.
I'll contiue to double-post at both locations for the next little while, but will be gradually moving all the resources over to the new address.
So please, head on over and get registered, update your bookmarks and links, and keep checking back.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Final call for entries

Got this in from the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Act fast, deadline is tomorrow!

Call for Entries, Final Deadline: Friday, May 15, 2009!
This is the very last chance for you to submit your short or feature film to this year's Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Last year's event was attended by a record-breaking 8,500 rabid movie fans and over 100 film press and industry members. Filmmakers have been consistently delighted with the response we generate for their screenings. This year's festival runs 8 Thrilling Nights for the first time in Summer, August, 14-21, 2009 and we hope you'll enter your film for your chance to be a part of our thrilling cinematic event in Toronto, Canada!

But if you want to enter Toronto After Dark 2009, you'll have to hurry. To be considered, your film details must be entered online by end of day (11.59PM) this Friday May 15. As long as you make that deadline, the good news is that we will then fully consider your film as long as we recieve your film screener here in Toronto, by our May 29 submission package arrival deadline.

Full entry details including our festival's own fast online submission form are at the official Toronto After Dark Film festival website here:

If you are user of the Withoutabox submission system, alternatively you can quickly enter your film to our festival, logging into your account on this page here:

We look forward to your entry!

- Toronto After Dark Film Festival Team

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

official word on Fatkat closure

Well, as reported here last night, Fatkat Animation, of Miramichi, NB, is closed.
Word went up on the studio blog today from Gene Fowler. Here's some of what he had to say:
Alot of stuff has happened in the 10 years that the Fatkat brand has been kicking around, though mostly all in the last half. We've produced simply a ton of commercials and interactive spots. We've cranked out series such as Skunk Fu!, Chaotic, SuperNormal and of course the straw that broke the camel's back "Three Delivery". Don't get me wrong, all were good productions, but Three Delivery was the monster, some called it a studio killer (you were right Rick!), I just giggled it off, but I knew they were right. It'd be a miracle if we came out of that one alive. Though it certainly beat the hell out of us all, we made it though. With all 26 episodes delivered to YTV and the other broadcasters just last week. I thank the entire TD crew for that, you did what many could not, you survived the most demanding and torturous production I have ever seen and did it with a smile, albeit a few teeth are missing from your smile; my heart goes out and my hat comes off to you. I'm very proud of the work Fatkat produced and Three Delivery is an awesome show because of it. Extra big thank yoos to Robbie Anderson & Tavis Silbernagel for making it shine and staying committed through all of it. A massive thank you to Stephen Ashe and Carol MacKinley to cleaning it all up in finance, insuring that everyone was paid in full. It was no small task and you did it all with grace and humility. I thank you.

Gene gives personal thank yous to a huge list of people then looks to the future:
I have gathered a few close friends from Fatkat and will be starting a new studio here on the Miramichi. It will be called "Loogaroo" . We'll be reflecting on all we did right, but also all that we lost sight of or totally messed up on. Then retooling our new shop and providing the same great service that we did for so long with Fatkat but with some mighty big changes and improvements. We'll be looking to put the finest ex-Fatkat artists to work as quickly as possible. I urge you all to reach out early and often to keep top of mind. Thank you for staying in the area and for your loyalty to me and Miramichi. We're by no means done yet, as a matter of fact, we're just getting started! I'm off to spend some much needed time with my family, again thank you for 10 glorious years with Fatkat. I look forward to many more as Loogaroo.

Not really much else to add. Very sorry to see the company fold, but these things happen. It's business.
Fingers crossed and best of luck with Loogaroo.

original post here.

Troy Little presents: Angora Napkin!


Tonight! In Ottawa! One night only!

Fresh off his appearance at TCAF in Toronto, Troy Little is in Ottawa to sign copies of his various printed work… right now actually, at the Comic Shoppe on Bank Street. After that, rumour has it he’ll be screening a sneak peak of his Teletoon Pilot for Angora Napkin. Not sure if Nick Cross’ half of the show will be screned as well, but I’m gonna find out for myself in just a few hours. I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out!



Fatkat closes doors

Gene Fowler posted to his LinkedIn profile tonight: closing down Fatkat and wramping up Loogaroo. Oh the life of an Entrepreneur!
Over on Facebook, his work info now lists him as Executive Producer at Loogaraoo, which he describes as:
a new start up company picking up where Fatkat left off. But with more deliciousness.
I tracked down Gene on MSN tonight and confirmed that yes, Fatkat is indeed no more.
The company had a very successful run over the past few years, but hit on hard times in 2009. With Fatkat done, Gene will be launching Loogaroo. The official word on the new startup will be forthcoming, but it appears that the company will be comprised of some of Fatkat's key players, but in a far more stripped down working model.
I'll post more information as it becomes available. For now, it's so long Fatkat. You had a good run, produced some excellent animation, and we had some laughs.
Good luck to all the Kats.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

changes afoot

Some of you may have noticed, depending on how you are linked here, that there are some changes taking place. I'm finally going to be consolidating all the various pages here under one roof. Work is underway on For the past several months, that url has simply been forwarded here to the blogspot address, but this address will soon be a memory. I'll make an official announcement when the new site has a proper launch and will encourage you all to update your links and bookmarks. I don't want to lose anyone!
Til then, keep reading, keeping commenting, and keep sending me tips and links and films and anything else that catches your eye!

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