Monday, September 29, 2008

From the vault...

... or should this be called "Gossip Squirrel" and I'd get a cute cartoon squirrel for a mascot... or maybe "Kibbles 'n' Bitch"? Do I need a "clever" name for a rumour column? Is anyone even reading this?

Word out of Toronto (where else?) has Corus Entertainment putting all it's eggs in one basket, or rather moving it's many divisions: radio, television, animation all under one roof in some kind secret base/corporate headquarters. Anyone with word on location or pics, we'd love to hear from you.
Rumour is the herd will be much much thinner when Nelvana moves into the new digs.
Expect press releases from Nelvana soon announcing a deal they're working on with American toy giant Mattel ...first series out the gate will be Hot Wheels, with the hope of other properties to come. One cog in the machine drew comparisons to the "CBS debacle".
Am I just fearmongering now?
Apparently, Mattel turned down three experienced directors at Nelvana and decided to go with a yes man.

Elliot Animation just worked a little street magic by selling three seasons of a new show, to be directed by Faruk Cemalovic (designer of 16) without animating a single frame. Congratulations!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News Roundup, Sep 24th, 2008

Here we go folks, latest bits and pieces:
  • Teletoon announces 2008 Scholarship winners.
  • Season two for Bakugan.
  • Looks like I get to be lazy! I found people posting about their Ottawa Festival experience! How about this guy: David Levy! Or this guy: Phil Lockerbie! What about this: Michael Sporn! And Barry Sanders posted pictures. OOooo... pictures. Wait! There's more. Nancy Beiman shared her expereince too.
  • Ottawa winners announced.
  • A grain of something afoot in Ottawa (sorry to keep mentioning my hometown this time around). There's a small mention of "an opportunity to create animation". Might mean nothing, might be significant. Time will tell.
'Kay... gettin' sleepy.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Good-bye OIAF 2008, hello real world.
A great coupla days full of great people, some cool cartoons, a couple of interesting panels, the world's tiniest movie star, and a reaffirmed sense of one's position in this odd industry. I'm working on a post but might just cheat out and throw some links up. Depends on how much work I actually have to do over the next few days.
I do want to say a huge thank you to the organizers: Kelly, Chris, all the staff, particularly Azarin, Jennifer and Dominique. This is a huge affair to put together and they have all earned a rest.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News Roundup, Sep 17, 2008

Latest dirt from around the internets:
  • Fatkat seems to be up to something at the at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Stay tuned.
  • has a press release for Total Drama Action, the follow up to Total Drama Island. Does anyone actually report real news in this industry?
  • Ricky Sprocket also sent out press releases this week.
  • Coverage of the SPARK Animation Fest in Vancouver.
  • Ward Jenkins, of Portland, Oregon, and Wardomatic fame is going to the Ottawa Festival. Apparently he will be doing some coverage, so check back. If you aren't familiar with Ward's work, then you should be.
  • A review of Edison and Leo that pretty much sums up the general consensus of those I've spoken to who have seen it.
  • Mainstream media coverage of the Ottawa Festival from the Ottawa Citizen.
  • John K continues his analysis of the "Canadian Style". He's got some interesting things to say about Mok.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cintiq 12WX review by Mad Magazine's Tom Richmond

Twice in one day from
Now it's a review of the Cintiq 12WX. Check it out.

Artist Survival Skills

Not exactly animation, but it sounds like a great read. "Artist Survival Skills: How To Make a Living as a Canadian Visual Artist", by Chris Tyrell looks like it's worth checking out. I'm gonna grab a copy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News Roundup, Sep10th, 2008

From the internets:
I'll try to post more tonight.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ottawa International Animation Festival Looms Ever Nearer

Have you got your tickets to OIAF yet?
It's coming up fast, September 17th to 21st. If you've never been, you should really do something to change that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

From the Archives

I didn't bother with an inaugural post for this blog. I would imagine that most folks viewing it have come via the Facebook group, so welcome. This blog/site will provide the same services as the group, but will be more inclusive to non-facebook users out there from the animation community. Right now we'll be seeing animation related links, news items, sites of interest, artist blogs, and films that catch my eye. There's a link to a job board, and eventually, the directory should be up and running.
For now, just something to look at. A music video roughly a decade old by the super-talented Nick Cross. Enjoy.

Newsfeed: September 5, 2008

Here's the roundup of news related to the Canadian Animation sector for today:


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