Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ottawa International Animation Festival Looms Ever Nearer

Have you got your tickets to OIAF yet?
It's coming up fast, September 17th to 21st. If you've never been, you should really do something to change that.


Pooya said...

i will be there! for 20th... unfortunately i just got a day pass

Dan szilagyi said...

Thanks for putting up a blog Michael, i'll be linking it to mine fairly soon!
I look forward to seeing posts for jobs and so on.


michael valiquette said...

Thanks Dan.
The job posts are on a separate page, linked at the right under "jobby".
There are a couple up now and I'll post more soon.

Anonymous said...

Super U, the venue to watch the latest Canadian content online joins forces with aka to announce an online animation contest during the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Join us to hear more about our contest - top prize is $7500! - and meet the creator of Tetes a claques, Michel Beaudet.

Saturday Sept 20, 2 pm at SAW Video Cafe 2 Daly Street, Ottawa.
Make a film, enter a contest, win stuff!


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