Monday, September 29, 2008

From the vault...

... or should this be called "Gossip Squirrel" and I'd get a cute cartoon squirrel for a mascot... or maybe "Kibbles 'n' Bitch"? Do I need a "clever" name for a rumour column? Is anyone even reading this?

Word out of Toronto (where else?) has Corus Entertainment putting all it's eggs in one basket, or rather moving it's many divisions: radio, television, animation all under one roof in some kind secret base/corporate headquarters. Anyone with word on location or pics, we'd love to hear from you.
Rumour is the herd will be much much thinner when Nelvana moves into the new digs.
Expect press releases from Nelvana soon announcing a deal they're working on with American toy giant Mattel ...first series out the gate will be Hot Wheels, with the hope of other properties to come. One cog in the machine drew comparisons to the "CBS debacle".
Am I just fearmongering now?
Apparently, Mattel turned down three experienced directors at Nelvana and decided to go with a yes man.

Elliot Animation just worked a little street magic by selling three seasons of a new show, to be directed by Faruk Cemalovic (designer of 16) without animating a single frame. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Corus is actually moving all their stuff as it were downtown to a development on the water front jsut near the Red Path sugar museum. It's under construction but it may take em longer to move in than they hoped. But it's all part of that Toronto waterfront development thingy going on.

so there ya go.

michael valiquette said...

Thanks Olly!


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