Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Animate wacked out little animals for Jessica Borutski

Here's the skinny:

Attention All Animators!!!

I need help to get this short finished for this years festival!!
Its a fun little piece, that is animated to the fun cute beats of LIGHTS. She is a girl from Toronto that just won a JUNO for best new artist!!The film is about a little bunny trying to make friends, but has a little trouble because of his physical aliment. (: Its a satire obviously....A SILLY SATIRE!

So if you enjoy animating wacked out little animals to fun beats, let me know.....Ill throw a scene or 2 your way. Please send examples of other work you have done.Just so I can make sure you are a great fit for this project(:

I can't pay but I can make you a sweet title card for all your hard work, like this one I made for LIGHTS....

Here's the link to Jessica's blog.

And here's Jessica's previous effort, I Like Panda's.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yo, i'm game.


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