Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From the internets...

  • Bob & Doug premiered last night. Anyone see it? Any thoughts? The previews I saw were funny. Mainstream press coverage here.
  • Lengthy post about the de-cartooning of Cartoon Network on awesomebydefault.com. Including this mention of the success of Canadian export, Total Drama Island: "the biggest show of the year for Cartoon Network was one they didn’t even highlight, a Canadian animated acquisition called Total Drama Island. And you know what happened? Cartoon Network had its best year-long ratings ever. Total Drama Island ruled the summer and much of the fall."
  • Great interview with Fran and Will Krause on Cartoon Brew. Not Canadians, but a good read. Upstate Four is an example to everyone working in Flash of what you can achieve. Plus it's a really great cartoon that someone needs to put into production.

Upstate Four 1 from Krause Brothers on Vimeo.

Upstate Four 2 from Krause Brothers on Vimeo.

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