Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Starz announces feature deal with Miramax

Got word of an announcement from Starz! Animation:

Starz recently landed a Miramax film, Gnomeo and Juliet, a character parody of Romeo and Juliet (the largest project in Starz history). A former Disney project, it was in the vault for awhile and started production at a few studios in the past. Miramax has brought it to life in conjunction with Elton John and Rocket Pictures. The director from Shrek 2, Kelly Asbury, has signed on to direct the movie and voice casting has started in Hollywood. Currently in pre-production, the movie is due to swing into production in spring 2009 and Starz will be hiring people at that time to staff up for the needs of this exciting CG feature.

We're definitely seeing a rise in feature production here in Canada. I've heard off the record comments of significant feature production potentially kicking in sometime in 2009, despite the dire economic forecast. I don't know if this is a Canadian phenomena, or if it's across the board. Any thoughts?


LanceLeFort said...

Hey Mike, I heard that Disney, Dreamworks and Sony will all be heating up next spring with projects. 2009 could start slow but kick into gear hard in the spring/summer.

michael valiquette said...

Are these all projects slated for up here in Canada?

Zoe Hanson said...

Good reading your postt


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