Monday, October 27, 2008

From the Internets...

  • Great post by Greg Hemmings on his MIPCOM experience. Greg's a live action producer from New Brunswick and he shares his experience hanging in Cannes with Fatkat's Gene Fowler discussing the crisis production companies in New Brunswick are facing over the provincial tax credit issue. I have a follow up to write after all the responses I received from my last post on this subject, but Greg's illustration of the issue is perfect. I don't know Greg, but after reading this I'll be scouring his archives for more intelligent discourse.
  • I'm not familiar with Chad Van Gaalen, but he's apparently a pretty sharp musician from Calgary. He's also a visual artist who has a thing for animation: "And on the art side of things, Van Gaalen, who has animated a number of videos to accompany his music, is currently working on larger animation projects, including a full-length feature backed by the Canada Council." (from the Calgary Herald) He's got a few tracks on Myspace, and one of his animated videos too. Doesn't suck. This kind of work ethic scares and diminishes me.
  • Vancouver Sun talks with David Fine and Alison Snowden. The duo are producing Ricky Sprocket in Vancouver with Studio B. It's comforting to read about how they wanted to be more hands on this time around.
  • Nice little bit about Toronto's Guru Studio and their new series Justin Time. A bit of a puff piece, but I like Guru, so here's to them.

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