Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From the Internets:

  • Follow up to a story reported here earlier, Hotweels, from Mattel/Nelvana. Looks like the press releases have been sent out. More of the same here and here. In fact, the same info is being regurgitated all over the place. Web penetration of this press release has been considerable.
  • Marvel superheroes exclusive to Teletoon. Exelsior.
  • A shout out to Gene Fowler and Fatkat. They've taken their fair share of hits in the past, but Gene maintains a very active blog and shares a lot of the workings of his shop. I check the blog regularly and recommend it to others. The latest posts have been mostly discussing new series they're pitching at MipCom.
  • NFB hits Washington DC.
  • What's Studio B bringing to MipCom this year?
That's all for tonight kids.

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