Monday, March 30, 2009

From the internets...

  • Stoked, animated sitcom from Fresh TV (the Total Drama folks) developed and produced for Teletoon, sold to Cartoon Network, Canal+ and TPS Jeunesse in France. "Blah blah blah tween market...blah blah blah quality kid's proramming...blah challenges status quo."
  • Portfolio and Teletoon unveil Hood, hoodie-wearing teen superheroes. Looks like Fatkat will have to retitle one of their shows. Sorry Gene.
  • Chris Williams doing PR for Bolt DVD release. Revelations: We're in a golden age for animated features, and Bolt is a movie about a dog. Congrats to Chris though on his success with Bolt, I saw it with my daughter last night and it did surpass my expectations.
Sorry, I'm a little snarky today.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

doh....looks like it's back the drawing board eh! Gene our idea is better....wait untill they see our new one......Super Hero's in Hooodies ha...... we got regular people in bad T-shirts, How about that one Tele_toon you dig it or what?



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