Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boomstone update

Heard back from Lee WIlliams at Boomstone, here's what they've been up to:
we are currently working on scripts for a series called "Piper McPhee" with "Katie & Orbie" creator Susan Wicks...a young kids environmental series. We have just released a pop CD with record producer partners CdA Group in Miami for “The Weather Girls”…yes, same group who did Homer Simpson’s favorite song “Its Raining Men” and club cult favorite dance song. LOL. From the CD we are developing a girl’s series with “The Girls” which is a live action/animation web-broadcast combo series. We tendered songwriters to give us songs that dealt with all sorts of young girl's/woman’s issues focusing on being confident and happy with who you are. The CD “The Woman I Am” was just released on iTunes, setup their MySpace page, and we are just now setting up the tours and appearances.

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