Monday, February 2, 2009

Coraline Review

I managed to snag some advance tickets to Coraline.
Please go see this movie.
I will keep this review brief and spoiler-free.
Henry Selick and the crew at Laika have made a truly beautiful film. It dosn't condescend, is genuinely funny, and is a feast for the eyes. The musical numbers are completely non-gratuitous. I was so thoroughly pleased to have seen this film.
There was a moment for me, while watching this movie, in the middle of a musical number, that I imagined what it must have been like for the folks who worked on it, after a a long production schedule, to have all sat down together for their first sreeening of the finished piece. How proud they must be of this film. Laika's been laying off since production wrapped, and each of these people will go on to other projects, but damn! To have been involved in this can't be anything other than a career high.
Laika needs to make more movies like this. This movie needs to sell tickets. It opens next weekend and the marketing has not been too great. Please, take a friend or four and go see this movie.
A word of caution, this movie is not for all children. Exercise some judgement regardinng your own child. There are some pretty scary bits in here, but it's beautiful. I would be surprised if I see an animated film this year that is superior.


Rob A. said...

I'm taking the kids this weekend and can't wait to see the film!

michael valiquette said...

Rob, let me know what you think!


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