Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Canadian Animation Rumour-Mill

Some information came across my desk last week about a new studio maybe opening up in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa. Now, Ottawa's seen a few changes the last couple of years: Funbag's demise, Amberwood has scaled back to more of a production office, farming out the actual work on their shows. Mercury is going strong, Pip seems to keep busy, Boomstone I'm not too sure about, Fuel employs a lot of happy artists, now we've also got Big Jump grabbing up service work, and late last year March Entertainment opened up a small satellite studio out in Kanata. My first instinct that this might be an expansion of the March operation. But I've been told different. Perhaps I should have been paying closer attention to the Animators For Hire listings at the Animation Festival these past few years. A little more vague in 2008, so maybe I can't be blamed for the oversight.
Shame about it being out in Kanata. Our animators are somewhat centrally located, so there will have to be some commutes. Still, a big addition to our little community.

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