Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Animation Industry/Community

I've been in a position these past few months to really be considering the purpose of this blogsite, to really examine the reason for it. It would be easy to describe it as a central resource to the animation industry, that's kind of how I started out. But, upon further consideration, I have trouble with the word "industry". By it's very meaning, it's exclusive. If I were aiming this blog at the industry, then I would be alienating everyone out there who isn't a working professional in the field of animation. I'm far more comfortable with the idea that I'm trying to put something out for our community.
We are a big god-damned country, geographically at least. Historically, we've had a few major production centers: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and, to an extent, Ottawa. Over the last decade, the Maritime provinces have boomed, and we've seen work coming out of Calgary, Winnipeg, pretty much everywhere. The NFB has offices in each province, although Montreal seems to be the most active. There are independent animators all over the place, some working, some hobbyists. Co-ops and associations are scattered about, including the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary, ABCAP in Vancouver, Women In Animation (also in Vancouver), in Toronto we've got the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) and Alexis Victor's Industry Night. I've just had word that there are a few more movements afoot to unite animators in both Vancouver and Toronto, and it looks like something similar might be happening here in Ottawa soon too. ASIFA Canada currently has no active membership, so I can't count that. We've got festivals all over the place too, including OIAF, WFAC, and others. We are spread out, we are comprised of working pros, hobbyists, fans, students, execs, artists, animaphiles, writers, and so on. We all define ourselves in our own way, but we are joined together as members of a community. I like being a part of this community. I like seeing friendly faces converge on Ottawa each fall to watch cartoons, carve pumpkins, learn, share, drink, laugh, and ocassionally, do some business.
So, as a community, I'm asking you to step up and share. I'm doing this blog thing, but my circle is limited. I've worked for companies on both coasts, I know some people here and there, and Facebook certainly helps, but there's a whole lot going on out there that I know absolutely nothing about.
So tell me.
Tell me about that new project you just sold.
Show me the animation you just made on your computer at home.
Complain about being laid off.
Share a post you just wrote on your blog, or an article you just read elsewhere.
If it relates to our community, I want to hear about it.
Of course, this will all be filtered through my own personal bias, it will often be awkward and clumsy, but it will be out there.
Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing. Keep it up.


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Andre Su said...

thanks again mike for putting the effort into maintaining this site. sorry i'm only a recently graduate currently struggling to find job so i can't contribute much yet. but i guess i can leave my complaints for others who feel the same, finding job is hard :(


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