Friday, January 9, 2009

From the internets...

  • Via our colleague, Dominic Von Riedemann, at Montreal-based Toon Boom acquires Dublin-based Cambridge Animation Systems. Cambridge is the producer of the animation software Animo. This should mean that whater good mojo the Cambridge fellas have going on in Animo will be incorporated into a subsequent version of Harmony.
  • Cookie Jar Entertainment, having failed to acquire the house that Strawberry Shortcake built, American Greetings, is eyeing Entertainment Rights. We reported a while back on Mipcom rumours that Entertainment Rights, owner of Postman Pat and other internationally recognized licenses, was in danger of disolution. According to, Cookie Jar is one of three potential buyers for the company. Cookie Jar seems dead set on buying someone. They've come a long way from their scandalous end as Cinar. But look what a little rebranding can do.
  • Fred Seibert writes about Chris Robinson's collection, the Animation Pimp. Haven't read it yet myself, but did follow the articles back when they were on AWN. I did recently read Chris' book on Ryan Larkin, Ballad of a Thin Man and will get around to a review soon.

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