Tuesday, May 12, 2009

changes afoot

Some of you may have noticed, depending on how you are linked here, that there are some changes taking place. I'm finally going to be consolidating all the various pages here under one roof. Work is underway on www.canadiananimationresources.ca. For the past several months, that url has simply been forwarded here to the blogspot address, but this address will soon be a memory. I'll make an official announcement when the new site has a proper launch and will encourage you all to update your links and bookmarks. I don't want to lose anyone!
Til then, keep reading, keeping commenting, and keep sending me tips and links and films and anything else that catches your eye!


sunita said...

Thanks to get this. When we create a video and the storytelling is done, the next step is to come up with ideas for the visual concept. For the Valentine’s day video the red color and the romantic Paris location was out of discussion! What about the characters? Here you go:

Visual 1. : The Romantic style!

Visual 2. The Childish style!

Visual 3. The Crazy style!

Learn the final decision by visiting!!!!

9 dangerous said...

A lot of time has already passed, but you still do not make an official statement about how you can make the transition to a new site and when it will happen.

Đồ gia dụng said...



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