Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Troy Little presents: Angora Napkin!


Tonight! In Ottawa! One night only!

Fresh off his appearance at TCAF in Toronto, Troy Little is in Ottawa to sign copies of his various printed work… right now actually, at the Comic Shoppe on Bank Street. After that, rumour has it he’ll be screening a sneak peak of his Teletoon Pilot for Angora Napkin. Not sure if Nick Cross’ half of the show will be screned as well, but I’m gonna find out for myself in just a few hours. I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out!




school essays online said...

fuck!! I missed it(( maybe someone have a video with this stuf?? I'd be pleased

sunita akter said...

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Sarah Leach said...

OMG! Troy Little was in Canada! And I've missed this, what a pity! After all of that, I must say that you are talanted bloger, and if somewhen you are in trouble, just go here.


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