Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr. Happy wins best short, Babelgum online film festival

Directed by Michael Patrick O'Hara, Mr Happy took home the "Professional Jury Award for animation" from the Babelgum Online Film Festival.
Michael has made a few other shorts, was assisted on this by his son Aidan, got judged by Spike Lee (seen in picture) and is brother to Catherine O'Hara of SCTV and various Guffmany movies. I'm sure Michael never gets tired of having his sister's name come up in his press.
Babelgum describes itself as a "A free, revolutionary Internet and Mobile TV platform supported by advertising". I've never heard of it before today, but they've got some kind of exclusive on the Gorillaz movie, which I didn't know was being released yet, so show's what I know.
Congrats to Michael.

1 comment: said...

Michael Patrick O'Hara deserves this award more than anyone. He does great work. He is a good example for younger generations of animators.


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