Friday, January 16, 2009

From the internets...

  • Amberwood signs co-pro deal with Australia's Galaxy Pop for 26 half hours of The Sunshine Friends
  • It's amazing the kind of crap that pops up in a google alert. I have Nelvana listed as an alert and today that yielded countless reports of Gene Simmons being announced as the keynote speaker at this year's Canadian Music Week. Why? because pretty much every article spews about Gene's media empire, which includes My Dad the Rock Star. Now, here's the part that floored me: "My Dad the Rock Star, his own cartoon show created for Canada's Nelvana now in its fifth year". NOW IN IT'S FIFTH YEAR. Have you seen this show? No offense to the hard-working animation types who are forced to toil on it, but it's terrible. I remember when it appeared, which I'm reminded was roughly five years ago. I remember being terribly happy my 2 year-old daughter didn't take to it and that I would be spared at least this half hour of mediocrity. I assumed it would be a high concept that gets a season, maybe two due to the Nelvana-Corus-Teletoon pipeline, and that I would simply dodge the reruns. But no, My Dad the Rock Star is in it's FIFTH SEASON. Remind me to tell you about the greatest cartoon never made sometime, and you might understand why this frustrates me so. Either way, kudos to you Mr Simmons , on your mastery of all media.

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