Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Breakthrough Films announces Stay Tooned

Came across some press release stuff from Breakthrough Films, this time announcing Stay Tooned, described on as: a live-action factual entertainment series about the world of television animation. A little digging on the Breakthrough site found this:
Stay Tooned is a live-action factual entertainment series about the world of television animation. It takes viewers back to revisit the Saturday morning animated programs that helped define our popular culture. Each episode will be an entertaining, comical mix of interviews with experts, celebrities and fans, alongside cartoon clips and behind-the-scenes footage. The series celebrates how 'toons shaped and reflected our culture — then and now.
Funny, entertaining and touching, Stay Tooned is a love letter to the golden era of Saturday morning cartoons. Stay Tooned is produced by Breakthrough Films & Television in association with Creator/Producer, Dale Burshtein.
Dale is listed on Linkedin listed as the owner of Salad Daze Productions, and I could find her credited as the creator of a show called Pumped! and the Nickelodeon Wildside Show. In 2003, Dale won a Gemini for Best Practical Information Series: Dale Burshtein and Lon J. Hall for The Surreal Gourmet (Salad Daze Productions). I will assume that Dale was the creative force behind the series, because my only expereince with Lon Hall was as Dynomight Cartoons' lawyer back between 1996 and 2000. Lon was a legal bigshot, but I guess he also has a creative streak that needed satisfying.
So, a Canadian making a show about animation. Could be interesting. Could be just another programming time-filler.
Does anyone know Dale? Would love to get a comment from her.
DALE!! If you google yourself (and I know most of you have done it) and come across this post, drop me a line. I invite you to extoll the virtues of your take on the world of animation.

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